Who Am I?

I often wonder, who is it that I see in the mirror.

A very tired looking 30 something woman staring back at me, is hardly recognizable in my mind. When did I Become this? What did I do to become a supporting cast in my own life?

Do you know what I am talking about? I hope not.

I hope to raise you in a way that no one makes you feel like second fiddle.

I am tired of being treated as if I am invisible in my own home. I only seem to materialize when something is needed of me. This being needed time is also shrinking by the day.

I feel dehumanized and I am growing tired of begging each week to be spoken to.

Oh hon, I am so tired, I wish I could go to sleep and never wake up.

I was once told by him, that people like me live like cowards and then take the easiest  and most painless way out. I am not going to prove him right. Even though I so wish to.

Sweetheart, please know, wounds are not only inflicted with weapons or words, they are also marked with prolonged silences, tone of your voices and disappointed looks. My love, I hope you never become the source of some one else’s pain.



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