We, the living!

Sometimes it feels like its just you and me in the universe.

There you are, 15 month old, practically, all grown up!

You have your struggles…

Food has lost its taste… Cant walk or talk, yet…

and your eyes are always asking “why the hell do I have to go to this strange place every other day!?!”

(Actually, it’s only twice a week darling, that too only for 2.5 hours).

None the less, it doesn’t lessen your pain. you cry, yes all 5 hours of it.

Then, here I am.

It seems my body and mind have been reset.

I watch you struggle to grasp this world while my situation is not all that different. I run around like a headless chicken, never quiet getting anywhere. All day long I am up and running and yet it seems I am miles behind from where I started my days. Things that seem to be my second nature seem awkward these days. My mind is cluttered, so is my life.

What am I doing here today?

I am ranting, to let you know, that we all have down times, there are days when all we accomplish is to survive, and that’s okay too. Because my darling, we are the Living, and all of this is just part of being alive.


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