De-cluttering Mind

I have done decluttering projects before. Usually, around the house, sometimes at work or even on my phone. Where I stand today, our future is dim. I can no longer see, where You and I will be in few months. I am desperate for securing safety and happiness for you and yet somewhere at the back, also lurks the desire to be happy.

I no longer wish to be alone, I am tired of being the second best and more than anything, I can not let you see me sad. I want to teach you to stand up for yourself and for what’s right. But how can I preach what I don’t practice myself. Years of depression and suppression has taken a toll on my mind. I seem to be growing less and less Present in my today. I feel I am surrounded in fog and can no longer see, who I am any more.

So here I am taking a 30 day challenge to de-clutter my thoughts.

I want to ramble on about my pain,

I want to make a wish list,

More than anything, I want you to know your mother, in her darkest hour.


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Beautiful article too.


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